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KohaCon 2022: Leveling up with Plugins


In our presentation, we cover what plugins are, how they can be installed on a Koha site and the pros/cons of plugins in general. We will show off several plugins specifically to give Koha users what a plugin looks like, how to configure it, and also how fun it is to find new ways to use Koha!

Nick Clemens, a Koha Developer, wrote a very good blog post about why plugins are created and the pros/cons of the plugins:

To plug, or not to plug? Why we develop Koha plugins

Finding Plugins

There are several places where plugins can be found for Koha. Let's remember the last slide where we talked about a con of plugins, which was reliability. If you find a plugin that you would like to use but are unsure about, try uploading to a sandbox or a test environment.

Also, you could ask the Koha community or your support vendor before installing a plugin.

Theke Solutions

ByWater Solutions

PTFS Europe


Documentation on Plugins

Installing a Plugin

Depending on where you acquire your plugins will be where you should find the documentation that goes along with it.

Plugins Covered During Presentation

Here are the plugins we discussed during the presentation and further resources that go along with them.

Coverflow Blog Post Update

Monday Minutes: Using the Galadriel Plugin to Customize the OPAC

Using Koha's Patron Emailer

Label Creator Plugin Part 1

Using the Label Plugin in Koha Part 2

StatChart- Inlibro

Monday Minutes: Integration with Hoopla

Paypal Update

More Plugins

We didn't cover all the plugins available in Koha, here are some more that we love and have good documentation on for libraries to use:

Monday Minutes: Curbside Pickup Plugin

Monday Minutes: Using the Reports Plus Plugin

Koha Integration with Bibliotheca (Cloud Library)

Deep Dive : Experience the Koha to Koha ILL Module

Scan a Driver's License in Koha to Input Patron Address Information

Monday Minutes : Batch Search Plugin

KohaCon 22 Presentations

Here is a link to all the slides and presentations during KohaCon 22. Each presentation will have slides (if provided) and the recorded presentation listed on this link!

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