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Monday Minutes: Integration with Hoopla


A new integration has been developed for Koha with thanks to a sponsorship by the North East Kansas Library System.

Nick, a developer with ByWater Solutions joins Kelly and Jessie to show the new integration, how libraries can set this up, and how patrons can use it!

Feel free to submit a ticket, and we will contact Hoopla on your behalf for the configuration information.

Setting Up Hoopla

Unlike other integrations such as Overdrive or Cloud Library in Koha, ByWater will work directly with Hoopla to set this up for the library. If you are a partner with ByWater Solutions, send us a ticket and we will work with Hoopla and set this up. There is a plugin for Hoopla involved and then some backend set up. All the library will need is a subscription with Hoopla!

Hoopla and the OPAC

Once the set up has been completed, the library will have results within the OPAC at the top of the search or if the library loads their Hoopla records, these will be shown right along with your other records.

From both the Hoopla search results link at the top or the Hoopla record found in your catalog, if the patron is logged in, they can check out the material through Koha.

Here you can see the Hoopla Search Results link at the top of the screen:

Once the patron chooses to see the Hoopla results, they will see all the related results with cover images and details. If there are many results, there will be a page navigation tool at the top.

For a patron to check out any of the material, they will need to be logged in. Once they are logged in, they will have the option to checkout from this screen.

The patron will have an additional tab in their Account Summary in the OPAC which will display their Hoopla checkouts. From this tab, the patron can also return their material back to Hoopla.

Koha Integration

If you want to read about more Koha integrations, please see our Explore Koha Integration page.

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