Koha is the world's first free and open-source library system. Koha is a fully-featured, scalable library management system. Development is sponsored by libraries of varying types and sizes, volunteers, and support companies worldwide.

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Aspen Discovery

Aspen is a full-featured Discovery System that integrates with eContent and other third-party providers, giving your patrons comprehensive access to all of your materials in one place. Aspen combines your library catalog with e-content, digital archives, and enrichment from all major third-party providers.

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Libki is a cross-platform Open Source PC reservation booking, time, and print management system designed to allow time-limited access to computers on a network. Libki is ideally suited for use in locations where a controlled computing environment is paramount such as public access systems, libraries, school computer laboratories, and more!

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CORAL is an electronic resources management system consisting of interoperable modules designed around the core components of managing electronic resources for libraries and other organizations. CORAL is available as a free, open-source program.

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FOLIO is a collaboration of libraries, developers, and vendors building an open-source library services platform. It supports traditional resource management functionality and can be extended into other institutional areas.

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