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Scan a Driver's License in Koha to Input Patron Address Information

A new plugin for Koha has been created to allow staff to scan a driver's license in Koha to quickly input patron address information.

Install the Plugin

If this is your first time installing a plugin into Koha, head over to this helpful blog post to learn how to easily do this right from your Koha Staff interface.

Monday Minutes: Plugins in Koha

Want to know more about why we develop plugins? See this fantastic blog post by one of our developers, Nick Clemens:

To plug, or not to plug? Why we develop Koha plugins

Tutorial Video

How to Use

Once the plugin has been installed, a new box will appear at the top of a new patron form. In this box, scan the driver's license. This plugin currently works for driver's licenses that are PDF417 formatted barcodes.

This will fill in the driver's license address from the scan, and then staff will need to fill in the rest of the library recommended fields.

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