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Monday Minutes: Plugins in Koha

Koha’s Plugin System allows you to add additional tools and reports to Koha that are specific to your library. Plugins are installed by uploading KPZ ( Koha Plugin Zip ) packages. A KPZ file is just a zip file containing the perl files, template files, and any other files necessary to make the plugin work.

Plugin Resources

The Koha Community Wiki has a great page with resources to find various plugins that are available in the community. Different vendors and individuals have created plugins available for libraries to use.

Koha Community Wiki https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Koha_plugins

inLibrio Koha System

inLibro is a company in Montreal Quebec that helps libraries with installation and setup of Koha, hosting, support, migration, and training. They have created a wonderful resource with a Koha system, that allows users to search for plugins available to the community.


KohaCon 22 Plugin Presentation

To see a demonstration and use of some plugins found in Koha, click here:

KohaCon 2022: Leveling up with Plugins

Read more by Jessie Zairo

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