Monday Minutes: Curbside Pickup Plugin

Curbside Pickup Plugin

We are so excited to show you this plugin! Within a week your library will have the necessary patch on your site to successfully install this plugin and start configuring. For our partners, once you have installed the plugin, reach out to us via phone (888) 900-8944, send us a slack message or create a ticket - as you will need us to restart plack.

If you are a ByWater partner, and you would like help installing the plugin, please feel free to reach out to us by creating a ticket and we can do this part for you.

Tutorial Video and Blog Post

As we discussed in the video with Kyle, Donna has created a very thorough blog post and three tutorial videos to help libraries set up this plugin onto their Koha.

Curbside Pickup Plugin


If you would like to submit an enhancement request for this plugin, that can be done as an "Issue" on the Github page for the Curbside Pickup Plugin:

Click on the link for "Issues"- there will be a green button which will allow you to create a new Issue.

Press Release

To read more about the development of this plugin, see our Press Release!

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