Monday Minutes : Batch Search Plugin

Jessie and Kelly talk about a handy plugin to do batch ISBN searches in Koha.


We have shown a few plugins with our Monday Minutes tutorial series, for those that would like to know more about plugins, here is a helpful blog post about plugins and also one about why plugins:

Monday Minutes: Plugins in Koha

To plug, or not to plug? Why we develop Koha plugins

Batch Search Plugin

Once you have this "Batch Search Plugin" installed. Under the Actions (in Plugins), you will "Run the Tool".

There are two options where to display the results of this tool- the screen or csv.

The white box is where you will add your ISBNs that you would like to search in your Koha system.

The last option is whether Koha should look for ISBN variations.

Once you add your list of ISBNs to search- hit "Run Report"

This report will display the bib record information if that ISBN exists in the Koha system, if an ISBN doesn't exist, Koha will also indicate this.

There are handy buttons to show/hide the Not Found from the Found, so a library can look at only the ones that were not found in the system instead of seeing both Found and Not Found.

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