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Monday Minutes: Using the Galadriel Plugin to Customize the OPAC

Introducing the Galadriel Plugin

In this Monday Minute tutorial video, Lucas joins Kelly and Jessie to talk about all things related to the Galadriel plugin.

This Galadriel plugin is a great tool to utilize for a library that would like to customize their OPAC. Customizations include adding a logo, changing the background color, adding buttons, normalizing book cover sizes, and so much more.

Here is a short tutorial video to show off some of these features. We start with a simple OPAC, use the Galadriel plugin and watch what happens!


If your library has never used plugins with Koha, there are a few helpful blog posts and tutorial videos.

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Using the Galadriel Plugin

Once this plugin has been installed onto your system in the Administration section. There is an action button to configure the plugin. This configuration page will give you the keys to customize the look of your OPAC.

One important option that is crucial to see the changes that are being made- make sure you have "Enable Galadriel " selected - if not, the changes will not be activated.

As we showed in the video, once these changes have been added, hitting save on the configure page and refreshing your OPAC - Voila! The OPAC is updated!

More Plugins

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Monday Minutes

We have heard great feedback on our Monday Minute weekly tutorial series! Thank you all for watching and letting us know!
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