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Resource Rewind: October 2021

We put together a recap of our Koha news and educational content for the month of October in case you missed anything!

Fall Upgrade Related Blog Posts

Invoice Table Improvements: Open/closed tabs and bulk status changes

This enhancement brings two improvements to the Invoices view: first, it cleans up the view by dividing open and closed invoices into separate tabs, and second, it adds the ability to close or reopen multiple invoices at once.

Set a Default Table View for Batch Patron Modification Tool

This enhancement makes this table available in Table Settings so that you can choose what columns to show and hide by default depending on what fields you most commonly use.

Fall 2021 OPAC & Public Services Upgrades

Details about enhancements related to OPAC and public services upgrades

Fall 2021 Admin and Reports

Details about enhancements related to admin and reports upgrades

Koha Question of the Week

How Do I Add an Internal Note on the Patron's Account?

Question we answered: I want to add a predefined Note to the options we already have in the Staff OPAC/ internal messaging. We have a few set up already, which we can quickly add to a patron account. I'd like to add more and can't remember where I can add these predefined messages.

How Do I Get Involved in the Community?

Question we answered: I'm a new staff member and not sure what the Koha community is or how to get involved. Can you tell me more about it?

How Can I Set Koha Up in a Consortium?

Question we answered: We're a library consortium setting up the Koha ILS for the first time. What types of things should we consider?

Can you clone or duplicate an existing bibliographic record?

Question we answered: I want to quickly duplicate a record to create a new edition of a title. Is that possible?

Monday Minutes

Sending Hold Reminder Notifications

Kelly and Jessie are joined by Nick to talk about a new feature that allows staff to send hold reminder notifications to patrons! Thank you to our partners at Hotchkiss School in Connecticut for sponsoring the enhancement in Bug 15986 - Add a script for sending hold waiting reminder notices.

Viewing Holds History in the OPAC

Jessie and Kelly show off another fun enhancement coming this fall! The ability for patrons to see their hold history in the OPAC will be an option for libraries to turn on for their patrons.

Inventory Filtering

Jessie and Kelly show a new filter that has been added to the Inventory tool. It is great to see a bug that was filed in 2010 (bug 4307) to get into Koha.

Auto Renewal Messaging Preferences

A great new enhancement is coming to the Auto Renewals feature and this will benefit both patrons and libraries! Jessie and Kelly walk through the new system preference, notice, and set up. Thank you to Bedford Public Library for sponsoring [18532] Messaging preferences for auto-renewals.

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