Monday Minutes : Viewing Holds History in the OPAC

Jessie and Kelly show off another fun enhancement coming this fall! The ability for patrons to see their hold history in the OPAC will be an option for libraries to turn on for their patrons.

New System Preference

The new enhancement to allow patrons to see their hold history in the OPAC was a sponsored development from the Northeast Kansas Library System (NEKLS). For libraries to allow patrons to access this information, the library will need to set the new system preference, OPACholdshistory, to Allow. By default, this system preference will be off.


Once this is turned on, patrons will then see a new tab in the OPAC on their Account page.

Within this tab, patrons will see past and present holds. The holds will be marked as fulfilled, waiting, and canceled. Patrons will be able to organize the holds by the status, the hold date, title, and author. There is also a search option when the patron's holds are numerous, the patron can search for the hold.

This is a super useful enhancement and patrons will benefit from seeing past and present holds.

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