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Koha Question of the Week: How Do I Add an Internal Note on the Patron's Account?

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Question: How Do I Add an Internal Note on the Patron's Account?

I want to add a predefined Note to the options we already have in the Staff OPAC/ internal messaging. We have a few set up already, which we can quickly add to a patron account. I'd like to add more and can't remember where I can add these predefined messages.


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A good rule of thumb for Koha, is that if it something related to a drop-down menu, you will find it in Authorized Values.

You can add another note by going to Home › Administration › Authorized values › Authorized values for category BOR_NOTES

From there you would add a new note by clicking on the grey button that says "new authorized value for BOR_NOTES."

This is also where you can view, edit, and delete any existing notes.

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