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Monday Minutes: Sending Hold Reminder Notifications

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie are joined by Nick to talk about a new feature that allows staff to send hold reminder notifications to patrons! Thank you to our partners at Hotchkiss School in Connecticut for sponsoring the enhancement in Bug 15986 - Add a script for sending hold waiting reminder notices.


In your Notices and Slips Library (under tools) you will have a new notice called HOLD_REMINDER - Waiting hold reminder. This will have the basic information to send your patrons a notification about their hold.

Dear [% borrower.firstname %] [% borrower.surname %],

The following holds are waiting at [% branch.branchname %]:

[% FOREACH hold IN holds %]

[% hold.biblio.title %] : waiting since [% hold.waitingdate | $KohaDates %]

[% END %]


This notice requires a cronjob that will run to send the message. This cronjob will either send using the patron's email preferences or allow forcing of a single method via the cronjob (ie: send only SMS, or send only email).

misc/cronjobs/holds_reminder.pl -v -lettercode HOLDREMINDER -n -li CPL

Please submit a ticket to enable the cronjob for your library!

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