Koha Upgrades

Fall 2021 Admin and Reports

[22417] Add a task queue

This is the first step in making tasks run better. We are introducing RabbitMQ to deal with asynchronous tasks. In this first iteration we are adapting the batch update record tools (both biblio and authority) to use it. A list of the jobs that have been or is being processed is available, see the new view at /admin/background_jobs.pl.

Clicking to View Detail:

[14004] Add ability to temporarily disable added CSS and Javascript in OPAC and interface.

This allows users to temporarily disable any of OPACUserCSS, OPACUserJS, OpacAdditionalStylesheet, opaclayoutstylesheet, IntranetUserCSS, IntranetUserJS, intranetcolorstylesheet, and intranetstylesheet system preference via an URL parameter.

Alter the URL in OPAC or staff interface by adding an additional parameter DISABLE_SYSPREF_<system preference name>=1.

This is really helpful when you are trying to diagnose display issues!

[25334] Add generic ‘phone’ message transport type

Previously the ‘phone’ message transport in Koha was tied to itiva and was not adaptable to other vendors. In this version that transport is renamed ‘itiva’ and we add a new ‘phone’ type that generates notices in the same manner as email, sms and print notices. Koha on its own will not do anything with these notices. Instead, you will need a plugin such as https://github.com/bywatersolutions/koha-plugin-twilio-voice to handle making the phone calls and updating the notice status.

[24633] Add support for gitlab searching of plugins

Sponsored by Theke Solutions
The enhancement allows setting Gitlab targets for retrieving plugins. From the plugins page, you can now search for Gitlab plugins without leaving Koha! ByWater partners have the Github targets for ByWater Solutions, Theke Solutions, and PTFS Europe.

[26338] Show tool plugins run in tools home

Now you can navigate directly to run Tool plugins from the Tools page. Notice the new links to your tool plugins!

[24665] Add ability to run cash register report with new cash register feature

This enhancement exposes the ability to refine the cash register report by cash register, showing all the transactions have taken place

[24958] Remember last selected tab in SQL reports

When you go to Save Reports, Koha will by default activate the last tab you were using. This will remain active until you log out of your session.

[12556] SelfCheck machine starts the hold instantly with an email sent out

This new system preference HoldsNeedProcessingSIP allows the libraries to prepare the items for the next patron before a notification about a waiting hold is sent to the patron. Without this system preference in some cases the item might not have been ready for pick up by the time patron came to the library to checkout the item they had on hold. This feature works only with SIP2 return machines for the time being. If the user has enabled the syspref then instead of fulfilling the hold automatically the hold will go to "in processing" state.

[25541] Add ability to prevent checkin via SIP of items with holds

Some libraries would like patrons to be unable to return items with holds via SIP. Instead, the screen message should indicate that the patron should return that item at the circ desk so a librarian can use it to fill the next hold right away and place it on the hold shelf. This feature is enabled by adding the flag holds_block_checkin to an account in the SIP configuration file, and setting the value of it to “1”.

[15400] Display patron age in useful places in the staff interface

This enhancement, will now show the birthdate and the age of a patron in a number of places:

  • Patron detail
  • Other patron pages - look on the left side (circ-menu)
  • Patron search
  • Guarantor search
  • Search through "Check out" (in the header)

[18170] Show damaged status on check-in

The damaged status is now displayed below the due date in the table of checkins for easy reference!

[20815] Add ability to choose if lost fee is refunded based on length of time item has been lost

New sys pref: Don'tForgiveLostAfter

[22844] Simplify the process of selecting database columns for system preferences

Be sure to check out the Monday Minutes on this!

This enhancement introduces a new way to select database columns for selected system preferences like BorrowerMandatoryField. Previously this required manually adding the database field names. You can now select from a list of available fields in a new window, and also select and clear all fields.
This is implemented for these system preferences:

  • BorrowerMandatoryField

  • BorrowerUnwantedField

  • PatronQuickAddFields

  • PatronSelfModificationBorrowerUnwantedField

  • PatronSelfRegistrationBorrowerMandatoryField

  • PatronSelfRegistrationBorrowerUnwantedField

  • StatisticsFields

  • UniqueItemFields

[25031] Improve handling of multiple covers on the biblio detail page in the staff client

This enhancement improves the display of multiple covers for a record in the staff interface, including covers from these services:

  • Amazon

  • Local cover images (including multiple local cover images)

  • Coce (serving up Amazon, Google, and OpenLibrary images)

  • Images from the CustomCoverImages preference

You are able to see all the covers associated with that record by clicking on the dots below the cover image, in both the search results and details page, and the source of the image is indicated!

Results page:

Item Detail page:

[25471] Add DataTables to MARC subfield structure admin page for bibliographic frameworks

When viewing subfields in frameworks you can now see the associated Data tables.

[25827] Add floating toolbar to the holds summary page in staff interface

The update holds button on the Holds tab will now float at the top of the screen - this will definitely save a lot of scrolling on those really popular titles!

[25968] Make logs sort by date descending as a default and add column configuration options

This is going to make searching logs so much better! You can now sort the columns, there is a Search box, and you have the Column configuration and Export functions!

[26530] Use patron card number as checkbox label during patron merge

This makes merging patrons even easier! You can now click on either the checkbox or the patron card number to select a patron, and when you are merging, you can compare the patron records for verification!

Compare patrons button gives you:

[26633] Add advanced editor for transfer limits

This enhancement adds an “advanced” editor for transfer limits that displays all to/from library combinations in a grid and allows them to be edited in a manner somewhat similar to the transport cost matrix editor.

[27251] Rewrite the QOTD editor using the Koha REST API

This patch replaces the QOTD editor with the standard way used for creating, editing, and deleting QOTD entries (now uses edit and delete buttons, and a standard form to add and edit entries).

[25552] Add missing Claims Returned option to MarkLostItemsAsReturned

Marking an item as a return claim checks the system preference MarkLostItemsAsReturned to see if the claim should be removed from the patron record. However, the option for “when marking an item as a return claim” was never added to the system preference, so there was no way to remove a checkout from the patron record when marking the checkout as a return claim. This patch set adds that missing option.

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