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Monday Minutes: Adding Web Pages in Koha

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie are joined by Lucas Gass. Lucas is the Web Designer for ByWater Solutions and is an expert at all things design for OPACs, Koha, and more! We talk today about the new feature in Koha, the ability to add web pages to Koha.


A new feature to allow libraries to create web pages is now in Koha, 22.11. This functionality provides libraries with the ability to create an entire web page through the Koha system. The new feature, Pages can be found in the Tools Module.

Creating pages - this is going to be super familiar as it is the same setup for News in Koha. When creating a new page, a library can identify this page as accessible to the OPAC, Staff Interface or both. Just like with the News feature in Koha, a page can have a publication and expiration date set.

After creating the initial setup for the page, now a user can use the WYSIWYG option in creating content for this page. This option will allow font size changes, formating, color changes, linking URLS, and so much more. For more experienced web design users, the ability to create the page in HTML is also available.

Accessing the Page

Once a page has been created and saved. This page will live in the Pages section. The table that it lives in, will be like the table found in News/HTML customizations. The table contains all the information that makes up the page itself and even a preview option to see what the page will look like.

The link of the page that was created will live in the "Page URL" column. A click of the link will bring the page up in a new tab. It is best to copy this URL to use it the next step to link this page to the OPAC.

Utilizing the Page

The options for what a library creates with this feature are endless! Once a page has been created, now the library can include this page on the OPAC or Staff Interface.

A few options on placement can be done through the HTML customization option found in Tools also. Here is a resource on where each of these options found in the HTML customizations lives on the OPAC page:

Koha 22.05: Consolidating OPAC Customizations in News/HTML Customizations

An example of using this option would be if a library would like to add the option to the sidebar of information found on the OPAC, called OPACNavRight.

Additional Resources

Although this feature can be used with the WYSIWYG option, if a library is looking to focus more on the web design aspect, this feature does allow HTML, CSS to be used. If you are looking for the perfect excuse to learn these tools - this is it. Lucas recommends this website for tutorials on HTML and CSS: https://www.w3schools.com/

Catalyst, a Koha support company out of New Zealand created this helpful blog post on this feature also:

Koha: How to Add Content Pages


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