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Monday Minutes: More Options for Patrons Managing Holds

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie start exploring 22.11 with new options for patrons when managing their holds. Now patrons can edit their pickup location for holds that are in-transit, pending or suspended! This is driven by a system preference, so a library can not allow this option or pick from one or all the options.

System Preference

A new system preference is added for this feature, OPACAllowUserToChangeBranch, which means libraries can opt to not use this feature or pick which option works best for their library.

This system preference comes with three options, if a library would like to turn this on- allow patrons to modify their pick-up branch if the hold is in one of these statuses:

in transit



Patrons Account in OPAC

When a patron logs into their account and looks at their existing holds, they will now see the option to edit the pick-up location of these holds that apply to the system preference choice.

This is a great enhancement - thank you to both sponsors: Montgomery County Public Libraries and Lund University Library!

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