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Start here for everything 22.05! Find links to release notes, webinar schedules and registration, Monday Minutes, feature blog posts and more. This page will be updated as new content is released.

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Webinars and Q&A

Release notes and manual

Monday Minutes and feature blog posts

New features and enhancements by category

Webinars and Q&A

We have scheduled two webinars and a Q&A session to highlight our favorite new features and enhancements coming in 22.05!

Click here to access the recorded What's New Webinar on our YouTube Channel.
Here is a link to the agenda for our What's New webinars.

Here is the second recording of our "What's New Webinar" session.

Q&A Session

Click here to access the recorded "Q&A Session"

Release notes and manual

Learn about all of the new features and exciting enhancements coming in 22.05!

Koha 22.05: Release notes - new features, enhancements, and system preference changes
Full 22.05 release notes at koha-community.org
22.05 manual: English or full list of languages
22.05 database schema

Monday Minutes and feature blog posts

Monday Minutes

This list will be updated as posts are released. Features covered in What's New Webinars will be noted.

Monday Minutes: Seamlessly Add Patron Images

Monday Minutes: Patron Suggestions Made Easy

Monday Minutes: Welcome Emails Sent With a Click of a Button

Monday Minutes: Manage Matches When Importing

Monday Minutes: Direct Links Built into Reports

Monday Minutes: Editing Within the Advanced Search

Monday Minutes: System Preference for Modification of Mandatory Fields

Monday Minutes: two-factor authentication in the staff interface

Feature blog posts

Koha 22.05: New holds functionality

Koha 22.05: Consolidating OPAC Customizations in News/HTML customizations

New features and enhancements by category

Koha 22.05: Patrons & Circulation Overview

Koha 22.05: Technical Services Overview

Koha 22.05: OPAC & Public Services Overview

Koha 22.05: Administration & Reports Overview

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