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Monday Minutes: Welcome Emails Sent With a Click of a Button

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie show off a few fun features coming in 22.05, including the ease of a new "send welcome email" option and an improved look of the patron's notices.

A New Notice!

In 22.05, Koha will include a new notice, WELCOME, which will be sent to patrons when they are registered by staff and also with the new feature, of sending the WELCOME notice from the patron's account screen.

Just like with all notices in Koha, this is completely customizable. This is the default notice created in Template Toolkits pulls in both the LibraryName and the OPACBaseURL. Both of these values are system preferences found in the Global System Preferences.

More information about Template Toolkit:

Customizing Notices & Slips with Template Toolkit

Sending a Welcome Email

Koha will send a "Welcome" email to your patrons once they are registered in your library. You can read more about this process here:

Emailing New Patrons

However, the notice, ACCTDETAILS, is no longer used, Koha will now send the WELCOME notice.

In addition to this process, staff can send a "Welcome" email from the patron's account at any point!

Patron Notices

The staff's view of patron notices has now been improved. When clicking the Notices tab of the patron (from the patron's account), the notice subject will appear. Clicking the subject of the email will now create a pop-up window to display the notice completely.

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