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New Director: Patron Tools

Here is a compilation of our documentation for Patron Tools.

Patron Lists

Patron lists are a way to store a group of patrons for easy modification via the batch patron modification tool or reporting.

Here is a tutorial video and blog post on how to make Patron Lists:

Monday Minutes: Patron lists

Patron Clubs

Patron clubs create clubs in which patrons may be enrolled. It is useful for tracking summer reading programs, book clubs and other such clubs.

Here is a tutorial video and blog post on using to make Patron Clubs:

Setting Up the Patron Clubs feature in Koha

Patron Clubs Hold Feature

Import Patrons

The patron import tool can be used at any time to add patrons in bulk. It is commonly used in universities and schools when a new batch of students registers.

Here is a tutorial video and blog post on how to import a file of patrons:

Monday Minutes : Using the Patron Import Tool

Patron Card Creator

The patron card creator allows you to use layouts and templates which you design to print your custom patron cards on your printer.

Here is a blog post about using this tool:

Using the Patron Card Creator Tool

Batch Patron Deletion

This tool allows you to bulk anonymize circulation histories (this means that you keep records of how many times items were checked out - but not the patrons who checked the items out) or bulk delete patrons (remove them from the system completely).

Batch Patron Modification

With this tool, you can make edits to a batch of patron records. Simply load in a file of card numbers (one per line), choose from a list of patrons or scan patron card numbers in to the box provided.

Here is a blog post and tutorial video on using this tool in Koha:

Batch Patron Modification

Batch Extend Due Dates

This tool allows you to update due dates in bulk, this can be useful if a library needs to close unexpectedly.

Here is a blog post and tutorial video to demonstrate this tool:

Monday Minutes: Bulk edit due dates


Tagging is the ability to have users direct the subjects that can be searched in the OPAC. If your library is allowing patrons to tag records on the OPAC, here are two helpful blog posts, one about using Emojis for tagging and also a Patron Video tutorial:

Tagging with Emojis in Koha

Patron Video Tutorial on Tagging

Tag Moderation

Upload Patron Images

Patron images can be uploaded in bulk if you are allowing patron images to be attached to patron records.

Here is a helpful blog post on uploading patron images in a batch:

Uploading Patron Images in a Batch to Koha

More Resources

Koha has an extensive online manual, here is a link to the manual directed towards the Patron Tools:

Koha Manual - Patron Tools

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