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Tag Moderation

This blog post will cover how staff can moderate tags in Koha.

System Preferences for Tagging

There are a few system preferences that a library can customize while using the Tagging feature. The two most important ones are:

TagsEnabled: Allow/Don't Allow patrons to add tags to items

TagsModeration: Require/Don't Require that tags submitted by patrons be reviewed by a staff member before being shown.

This blog post will cover assisting the libraries that would like to allow tags and also to moderate those tags before they are seen on the OPAC.

Patron Tutorial Video

This video created to be shared with patrons will walk through the steps that patrons will take to add tags to items in the catalog.

Moderating Tags on Staff Client

Staff Permissions

Only staff that have the permission, Moderate patron tags (moderate_tags), will be able to perform this action.

Those staff will be able to see the tags that have been added and need moderation by patrons at the bottom of the main page of the staff interface:

Clicking on the "Tags Needing Approval" link will bring the staff to the page for Tagging. The tags that need to be approved will appear and click the tag itself will allow staff to see the item that was tagged with this term/s.

Once the tag is approved, the tag will then be visible on the OPAC. If this tag is rejected, the tag will not approve on the OPAC. The patron who submitted the tag will see this notification under their tags when they are logged into their account.

This tutorial video covers staff moderation of both tagging and comments in Koha:

Tutorial Video

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