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Monday Minutes: Patron lists

In this tutorial, Kelly and Jessie will show you everything you can do with patron lists. Patron lists are a way to store a group of patrons for easy modification via the batch patron modification tool, batch detection tool, or reporting.

New Patron Lists

  1. Navigate to Tools --> Patrons and Circulation --> Patron Lists.
  2. To create a new list of patrons click the ‘New patron list’ button.
  3. Enter a list name.
  4. Checking the ‘Shared’ box will make this list visible to all users with the manage_patron_lists permission.
  5. Save the list.
  6. To add patrons to the list enter the patron’s name or cardnumber in the search box and click on the right result to add the patron.
  7. Alternatively, you can click on the ‘Enter multiple cardnumbers’ link and scan (or type in) barcodes in the box.
  8. Once you have all of the patrons you would like to add you can click the ‘Add patrons’ button to save them to the list.


  • You can use lists to merge patrons.
    • Tools --> Patron Lists --> Merge selected patrons
  • You can use lists to batch delete patrons.
    • Tool --> Batch patron deletion and anonymization
    • Select your list from the dropdown "who are in patron list:"
  • You can use lists to batch modify patrons.
    • Tools --> Batch patron modification --> Use patron list

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