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Tagging with Emojis in Koha

There is a new FUN enhancement added to OPAC tagging with Koha 18.05. Who doesn’t love a good emoji to describe how you are feeling or in this case, what emoji works to describe a book!?

With Koha 18.05, users can tag with emojis on items in the OPAC.

A new enhancement in Koha 18.05 allows the user of the OPAC to tag items using Emojis. Emojis are small digital image or icon used to express an idea, emotion, etc., in electronic communication. So your library patron can use words or emojis now to tag books. This will only be available to your library patrons if your system preferences for tagging are turned on- this system preference is called tagsenabled. If your library is new to the tagging world in Koha, here are also a few more system preferences that can customize how your patrons/library use the tagging feature.

System Preferences:

TagsEnabled: Allow/Don’t Allow patrons and staff to add Tags on items.

TagsInputonDetail : Allow/Don’t Allow patrons to input tags on item Detail Pages on OPAC. This is the full record view of the biblio record.

TagsInputonList: Allow/Don’t Allow patrons to input tags on search results on the OPAC. This is the results page for a search made in Koha.

TagsModeration: Require/Don’t Require tags submitted by patrons be reviewed by a staff member before being shown.

TagsShowOnDetail: Show ___ tags on item detail pages on the OPAC - enter in a number of tags you would like displayed in full record view.

TagsShowonList: Show _____ tags on search results on the OPAC- enter in a number of tags you would like displayed on search result page.

To add an emoji to a Detail page in the OPAC:

Once your patron has clicked over to the full record view, there is a place to add tags. The patron does need to be logged in to the OPAC to tag an item.

To add an emoji to the List view page, a patron will need to right click to access the emojis available, which is slightly different than in the results page.

Here is a view of the patron’s tags from their account screen:

In the Staff Client when moderating the tags:

On the bottom of the Staff Client main screen, if there are pending Tag that need to be moderated (if your library is moderating tags). Clicking this link will bring the list of tags that are currently pending/approved/rejected:

There is currently a bug in the community about Emoji tagging [21247] regarding multiple emojis tagged together.

This is a new feature in 18.05, if you would like to see more about what features and enhancements are coming or are included - please see our Bywater Upgrade Notes page.

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