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  • [19287] Add ability to mark an item ‘Lost’ from ‘Holds to pull’ list
  • [11976] Add column settings + new column “Publication date” to the subscription table that staff can determine which columns should be shown by default
  • [15794] Add emoji picker to tag entry in OPAC
  • [18083] Don’t show ‘library’ selection on popular titles page for single-branch libraries
  • [18313] Remove Delicious icon from OPAC social network links
  • [19573] Link to make a new list in masthead in OPAC only appears / works if no other list already exists
  • [19708] Printing code improvements in opac-basket.tt
  • [19989] opac-memberentry.pl has a FIXME that can be fixed
  • [20155] Improve readability of OPAC header language menu
  • [20181] Allow plugins to add CSS and Javascript to OPAC
  • [20400] Add routing list tab to the patron account in OPAC
  • [20432] Add black version of small Koha logo for use in the OPAC
  • [20497] LibraryThing: always use https instead of http
  • [18915] Creating a checkout note (patron note) sends an incomplete email message
  • [18975] Wrong CSRF token when emailing cart contents
  • [19496] Patron notes about item does not get emailed as indicated
  • [19808] Reviews from deleted patrons make few scripts to explode
  • [19843] reviews.datereviewed is not set
  • [19911] Passwords displayed to user during self-registration are not HTML-encoded
  • [19913] Embedded HTML5 videos are broken
  • [19975] Tag cloud searching does not working
  • [19978] Fix ITEMTYPECAT feature for grouping item types for search
  • [20218] Tracklinks fails when URL has special characters
  • [20286] Subscribing to a search via rss goes to an empty page
  • [20363] Privacy management shows misleading “No reading history to delete”
  • [20479] Superlibrarians cannot log into opac

Course Reserves

  • [15378] Remove ‘lost’ items from course reserves
  • [19230] Warn when deleting a course in course reserves


  • [9302] Add ability to merge patron records
  • [18626] Add ability to track cardnumber changes for patrons
  • [19471] Show creation date in patron restrictions list
  • [19801] Display messages on user details page as well as on check out page
  • [19988] Change ‘sex’ to ‘gender’
  • [20100] A non-superlibrarian should not be able to add superlibrarian privileges
  • [20516] Show patron’s library in pending discharges table
  • [20524] Make columns of pending discharges table sortable
  • [20526] Show and sort by date of request in pending discharges table
  • [19488] Add borrowernumber to brief info on patron details pages in staff client


  • [19287] Add ability to mark an item ‘Lost’ from ‘Holds to pull’ list
  • [18382] action_logs entry for module HOLDS, action SUSPEND is spammy
  • [18474] Placing multiple holds from results breaks when patron is searched for
  • [20167] Item hold is set to bibliographic hold when changing pickup location
  • [11512] Only allow to override maximum number of holds from staff as other overrides would never be filled
  • [19533] Hold pulldown for itemtype is empty if hold placement needs override
  • [19972] Holds to pull should honor syspref “item-level_itypes”
  • [20637] Holds to pull: filter shows two itypes on the same line if a biblio has two items of a different type
  • [20707] Permissions for circ/ysearch.pl override specific page level permissions and delete sessions improperly
  • [19494] Add reservedate to Holds awaiting pickup
  • [19769] ‘Pickup library is different’ message does not display library branch name when placing hold
  • [20724] ReservesNeedReturns syspref breaks “Holds awaiting pickup”


  • [9701] Configure default indicators
  • [11046] Better handling of uncertain years for publicationyear/copyrightdate
  • [18417] Advanced Editor – Rancor – add shortcuts for copyright symbols (C) (P)
  • [18878] Improve item form display / labels too far from input fields
  • [18904] Advanced editor – Rancor – Add authority support
  • [19267] Advanced Editor – Rancor – Add warning before leaving page if there are unsaved modifications
  • [19538] Advanced editor – Rancor – Move syspref from labs to cataloging and remove experimental note
  • [16427] Direct link to authority records missing in staff detail view (MARC21 6xx)
  • [18198] MARC21: Further improve handling of 5XX$u in GetMarcNotes
  • [19939] Move cataloging Z39.50 results actions into menu


  • [16735] Replace existing library search groups functionality with the new hierarchical groups system
  • [15752] Automatically switch from circulation to new patron when a cardnumber is scanned during circulation
  • [15492] Stand alone self check-in tool
  • [11210] Allow partial writeoff
  • [18786] Add ability to create custom payment types
  • [18790] Add ability to void payments
  • [18816] Make CataloguingLog work in production by preventing circulation from spamming the log
  • [20343] Show number of checkouts by itemtype in circulation.pl
  • [19494] Add reservedate to Holds awaiting pickup
  • [19752] Improve authentication response in offline_circ/service.pl
  • [19804] Suspension calculation doesn’t honor ‘Suspension charging interval’
  • [19831] Turn on EnhancedMessagingPreferences by default for new installations
  • [20322] Circulation page layout and design update
  • [2696] Fine payments should show what was paid for
  • [4319] waiting and in transit items cannot be reserved
  • [19204] Fines in days restriction calculation is not taking calendar into account
  • [19444] Automatic renewal script should not auto-renew if a patron’s record has expired
  • [20562] issue_id is not stored in accountlines for rental fees


  • [19289] Allow configuration of the fields on the ‘Catalog details’ form in the acquisition baskets
  • [10032] Uncertain prices hide ‘close basket’ without explanation
  • [17182] Allow Keyword to MARC mapping for acquisitions searches (subtitle)
  • [17457] Use SearchWithISBNVariations in acquisition advanced search (histsearch.pl)
  • [19479] Price display on a basketgroup
  • [18593] Suggestions aren’t updated when one biblio is merged with another
  • [19030] Link order <-> subscription is lost when an order is edited
  • [19694] Edited shipping cost in invoice doesn’t save
  • [20303] Receive order fails if no “authorised_by” value
  • [20426] Can’t import all titles from a stage file with default values
  • [3841] Add a Default ACQ framework


  • [7910] Batch renewal of subscriptions
  • [18327] Add the ability to set the received date to today on multi receiving serials
  • [18426] Subscriptions batch editing


  • [9573] Ability to download items lost report
  • [9634] Allow for parameters re-use on SQL reports
  • [11317] Add a way to access files from the intranet
  • [13445] Clean up options for scheduled reports, remove URL, add HTML and Text/TSV
  • [16782] Display JSON report URL in staff client report interface
  • [19233] Add ability to send itemnumbers in report results to batch modification
  • [19664] Reports sidebar menu should match list of reports on reports home page
  • [19716] Add option to send header line for CSV output with runreport.pl
  • [19856] Improve styling of reports sidebar to match tools sidebar
  • [19957] Allow continued editing after saving a report
  • [20345] Put saved report keyword search form on reports home
  • [20350] Add column configuration to table of saved reports

Staff Client

  • [19488] Add borrowernumber to brief info on patron details pages in staff client
  • [19806] Add class to items.itemnotes_nonpublic
  • [19953] Add column for invoice in acquisition details tab
  • [20291] Add a StaffLoginInstructions system preference to add text to the staff client login box
  • [20404] Extended patron attributes should always be on


  • [19554] The inventory table should jump to detail instead of MARCdetail
  • [19584] Inventory: Trivial interface improvements
  • [19585] Inventory: Allow additional separators in a barcode file
  • [19837] Add multiple patrons to a list by cardnumber
  • [20081] Enable uploaded pdfs to be viewed inline

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