Koha How-To

Merging Patrons in Koha

What's New

This feature has been longed for by so many libraries, the ability to merge existing patrons. If a library finds they have mulitple accounts for the same person, they can now merge them together.

How to Use the Merge Feature

1.Do a patron search

2. Within the results of this patron search, if duplicate patrons are found, check mark them on the left hand side of the table.

3. Once two or more patron names are chosen, the button Merge Patrons will be available to click.

4. The next step will bring a choice of which patron to keep as the patron.

5. Once this has been confirmed, the details of what was merged will appear. Things that will be merged from one account to another is : checkouts, holds, fines.

6. Lastly, there is the option to see the final merged record.


There is no undo for this!

Staff Permissions

This feature is not available to all staff logins. A staff member will need to have the permission "Add, modify and view patron information".