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Adding the Ability to Configure Catalog Details in Acquisitions

There is now a way to configure the fields on the “Catalog details” form in the acquisitions baskets [19289]. This new feature will come in handy for those libraries using the Acquisition module.

Prior to this enhancement, the only fields available for the “Catalog Details” found in using the, New Empty Record or Order from Purchase Suggestion, were title, author, publisher code, publication year, isbn and series info. Now the fields can be configurable in the Catalog details.

Here are the steps that must be performed to use this new feature:

There is a new system preference called “UseACQFrameworkForBiblioRecords” - this must be set to Enabled.

There must be a ACQ framework set up in your Marc Framework Administration. If there is not a framework already set up on your system, it is best to not create one from the Default Framework (see Bug: 21316).

Koha has a framework Wiki, that includes an ACQ framework created for libraries to download and adjust as necessary. A library can also choose to create one themselves. This framework should only include Bibliographic fields that will be used in the Acquisitions process when adding a record to a basket.

Here is an example of the Acquisitions Framework, created for the library to use. This has added a 509 note field in addition to an ISSN number.

Once these changes are made and a new basket is created. The fields will display in the Catalog details when using the New (empty) record option or Ordering a Purchase Suggestion.

There can be mandatory fields for this process, any required fields can be set up in the ACQ framework. In this example above the 245 Title Field is the only required field set up in the Acquisitions framework, as it was set up as a mandatory marc field set up in the Acquisitions framework .

Changing the ACQ framework to have the 590 a mandatory field, the view would look like this:

After filling out the desired fields and finishing the Acquisitions process, this bib record will become a Default Framework once added into the system.

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