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Uploading Patron Images in a Batch to Koha

If you attach patron images to patron accounts, this tutorial is for you! Patron images can be uploaded in a batch if you allow patron images to be attached to patron records. These images can also be used when creating patron cards.

The first step is to make sure your system preference for patronimages is set to allow images to be uploaded and shown for patrons on the staff client.

Uploading Images

  1. Create a txt file and title it "DATALINK.TXT" or "IDLINK.TXT"
  2. On each line in the text file enter the patron's card number followed by a comma (or tab) and then the image file name. You will want to make sure that your TXT file is a plain text document, not RTF.
  3. Next, zip up the text file and the image files.
  4. Once you zip the files, go to the patron images tool. More > Tools > Patrons and Circulation > Upload Patron Images
  5. For multiple images, choose to upload a zip file. After uploading you will be presented with a confirmation.

Quick Tips

Just a quick tip to help with upload: There is a limit of 100K on the size of the picture uploaded and it is recommended that the image be 200x300 pixels, but smaller images will work as well.

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