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New Features


[11175] Show the parent record’s component parts in the detailed views

This enhancement adds the ‘ShowComponentParts’ system preference.
When enabled, a record with analytical records has a new tab below the record detail containing links to the component parts records.
The feature requires MaxComponentRecords to be set to limit the maximum number of attached records to display; if more records are found then a link to the ‘Show analytics’ search will appear at the bottom of the listed analytics.

[14957] Write protecting MARC fields based on source of import

See this Monday Minutes blog post and tutorial video for steps in using this new feature:

Monday Minutes: Protecting MARC Fields



[24190] Add additional Acquisition logging

This enhancement adds additional logging of acquisition-related changes including:

Order line creation and cancellation, Invoice adjustment additions, amendments and deletions, Order line receipts against an invoice, Budget adjustments, Fund adjustments, Order release date (EDIFACT). The name of the system preference that enables logging of acquisition-related changes was changed from AcqLog to AcquisitionLog.

See this blog post for more information about Acquisitions Logging:

Koha 21.11: New Logging in Acquisitions

[27287] Make note fields from orders searchable

Sponsored by Bibliotheksservice-Zentrum Baden-Württemberg (BSZ)
Adds search options for the internal and vendor note fields from the basket to the advanced search form in acquisitions.

[28508] Use “Invoice number” instead of “Invoice no” on the invoice search filter

[28640] Add EDI order status to basket details display

Clarify the exact status of EDI orders on the basket details display, highlighting that a basket can be closed but pending or closed and sent for example.

Watch this Monday Minutes about how this new EDI order status works:

Monday Minutes: View Status of EDI in the Basket


[24674] Uncertain years for publicationyear/copyrightdate — corrected

[27520] Adding new itemtype images boardgame, zoom-in, and zoom-out to carredart
This enhancement adds boardgame, zoom-in and zoom-out images to the carredart icon set for item types.

[27522] Add a new itemtype info image to carredart
This enhancement adds a info image to the carredart icon set for item types.

[27523] Adding new itemtype lock image to carredart
This enhancement adds a lock image to the carredart icon set for item types.

[27985] Add option for using a MARC modification template on a single record from the details page
This development allows for sending a single record to ‘batch’ modification in order to process a MARC modification template against the record.

For more information on these features, see this helpful blog post:

Monday Minutes: Using MARC Modification Template From a Record

[28543] Clicking on ‘New record’ will use default framework

This enhancement changes the ‘New record’ button when cataloguing. Before this change you needed to choose the framework – now it will use the default framework unless you select a different framework from the drop-down list. This makes it consistent with creating a new record using the ‘New from Z39.50/SRU’ button.
NOTE: This is a change in default behavior that cataloguers may be used to.

In this Monday Minutes, we talk about how this change is helpful and uses less clicks:

Monday Minutes: Alerts in Cataloging

[28694] Check alert in cataloguing should be a static message

This patch changes the way error form validation error messages are displayed when using the basic MARC editor in cataloging. Instead of a JavaScript alert, errors are now shown on the page itself, with links in the message to take you to the corresponding field. A new “Errors” button in the toolbar allows the user to jump back to the list of errors for easy reference.

In this Monday Minutes, we talk about how this alert will be more useful!

Monday Minutes: Alerts in Cataloging

Label/patron card printing

[26340] When printing labels from a barcode range, keep zero padding

MARC Bibliographic data support

[18984] Remove support for NORMARC
The National library of Norway has replaced NORMARC with MARC21. Koha instances that use NORMARC have either been converted to MARC21, or will need to convert as part of any upgrade (from Koha 21.11 onwards).

[27850] Search link for 260 a and c in MARC21 XSLT display
This enhancement adds search links to the MARC21 XSLT display for 260$a and $c fields for the OPAC and staff interface.


[16446] Allow librarians to add borrowers to patron lists by borrowernumber

[22544] Move C4:NewsChannels to Koha namespace

[24019] Patron batch modification based on borrowernumber

With this change, the batch patron modification tool can now accept a file or list of borrower numbers in addition to accepting card numbers or a patron list.

[24387] Rename News tool
This enhancement is renaming the “News” tool to the more generic “Additional contents”.
It creates two different “categories” of content:
“news” and “HTML customizations”.

For more information about this feature, see this blog post:

Koha 21.11: A Change to News and OPAC Content

[27883] Add ability to preserve patron field from being overwritten by import
This enhancement to the patron import tool lets you keep current values for selected fields for existing patrons – when the data is imported the selected fields are not overwritten.
When importing: match to existing patrons using either their card number or user name, select the fields that will not be overwritten under ‘Preserve existing values’.

See this blog post for more information about this feature:

Koha 21.11: Protect Fields on Patron Overlay

[28175] Usability improvements to uploads page

Some general improvements have been made to the “Upload” page in the Tools section: An “Upload” toolbar button is now present on upload results and search results pages; Search forms now appear in the sidebar if you’re not on the main page; Upload categories are shown in search results as full descriptions linked to a search for that category.[28177] Add date column and column configuration to uploads

[28839] Better texts in stage MARC for import

[29265] Can’t pick editor to use when adding new news or HTML customization entries

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