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Monday Minutes: View Status of EDI in the Basket

In this week's Monday Minutes, Andrew joins Kelly and Jessie to show a new way to see the status of the EDI order from the basket.

EDI Ordering

If this is the first time you have heard of EDI ordering in Koha, please see this helpful introductory blog post:

Koha Question of the Week: How does EDI work with Koha?

Basket View

When a library creates a basket, there is a new piece of information visible in the basket that will indicate the status of the EDI.

Once the staff has clicked the "Create EDIfact order" option from the basket, they will then see the EDI status updated with "pending". The EDI cron runs every 15 min, so this will remain pending until this cron has run.

This is a nice visual update to help staff navigate this process without having to leave the basket and see the actual status of the EDI order.

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