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Koha Question of the Week: How does EDI work with Koha?

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Question: How does EDI work with Koha?

Answer: Koha fully supports EDI. Koha uses the EDIFACT standard for electronic ordering. Ordering and Invoicing using EDI functionality is available for various vendors including:

  • Baker & Taylor
  • Brodart
  • Emery Pratt
  • findaway
  • GOBI
  • Harrassowitz
  • Ingram
  • LSC
  • Midwest Tape
  • Midwest Library Services

If a vendor you order from is not listed above, please reach out and we can begin the process to get up a new vendor as an EDI Vendor.

Any ordering/invoicing data can be sent to external vendors for other purposes as well with the use of ByWater configured cron-jobs.

EDI Process

When using EDI with a vendor file, the library will create a basket within the Acquisitions Module, load the vendor file into Koha. At this stage, the staff member will “Create an EDIfact Order” in Koha. This will send the order via FTP back to the vendor. The Vendor will receive the file via FTP.

Once the vendor has sent your order, the final file of records will be sent to the library usually by email, the vendor will also send Koha the EDI invoice electronically to Koha. This process streamlines the Acquisitions process and allows for many steps to be minimized.

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