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Staging Records for Acquisitions

In Koha 18.11, staging records for the Acquisitions module just got easier! I am always excited to see steps within Koha get reduced. The bug, 21333, was written by one of our developers Nick, who has the habit of always asking, "why". Why does a file need to be staged in Tools and then the user goes into Acquisitions to add to a basket? I work with Nick every day, I can see him, asking “Why can’t we just have Koha stage the record while in the Acquisitions module?”


In Koha 18.11, if you have a file of records and are adding this file into a basket- the steps will be:

Step 1: Go to the Acquisitions Module

Step 2: Create a basket or choose an existing basket

Step 3: Add to basket

Step 4: New option that allows the user to add a file!

Step 5: Choose to add a file, Koha will automatically bring the user into the Tools module, go through the steps of uploading the file.

Step 6: Koha will bring you back to the basket, once the file has been staged!


How amazing is that?!

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