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Monday Minutes: Using MARC Modification Template From a Record

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie will show a new way to apply the MARC modification template coming in 21.11.

MARC Modification Templates

MARC Modification Templates are used to make bulk edits to MARC records usually through the Tools Module-Batch Record Modification.

See this blog post for more information about this process:

Monday Minutes: Marc Modification Templates

Now, a library can apply a MARC modification template to an individual record - right from the record!

New Option!

From the full-record display of a record, a new option will be available from the EDIT dropdown.

This option will allow the record to be modified using a saved MARC modification template. When choosing this option, Koha will bring the user directly to the Batch MARC Record Tool, set up the record, and have the opportunity to choose which template to apply to this record.

Koha will send this to a processing queue, which will be alerted to the user. Koha will give a link to the processing queue, and once this edit has been applied, Koha will update the queue.

This is a new area found within the Administration Module. Tasks such as Batch Item Modification, Batch Record Deletion, and Batch Record Modification can be seen for when they were sent to be processed and when they have been processed. Here is an example of what is logged in the Background Jobs.

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