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Monday Minutes: Marc Modification Templates

Monday Minute with Jessie and Kelly Tutorial Video

Setting Up Marc Modification Templates

To create a new Marc Modification Template, go to Tools. This tool will be found in the Cataloging column.

Create a New Template. The name portion of the template will help identify what this template does.

Next, create actions. What actions do you want performed to the Marc Record.

Actions such as Move, Update, Add New, Delete, Copy.

Then identify the marc field and subfield that the action is going to work with. Also if the action requires a value, such as adding a value to a field, this will be filled into the value field.

In the video, Jessie and Kelly created the Action of Add New. We wanted to add the field 942$n and this field, the value was 1.

A few other features of Marc Modification Templates: a description can be added to each action if more information is necessary to be added for the user. Also, once a template has been created, it can easily be duplicated and modified. Lastly, another feature is the ability to change the order of actions. If you need the record to change in a specific field first and then add the value, there are arrows that allow for the steps to be moved around.

Using Marc Modification Templates on File Import

If a library would like to modify records upon initial import, this can easily be done once the Marc Modification template has been created.

Go to Stage Marc Records for Import, once the file has been loaded, there is an option to use a Marc Modification Template with this file. Koha will manipulate the records as it imports them.

Using Marc Modification Templates using Batch Record Modification Tool

If a library would like to edit existing marc records, then this same Marc Modification Template can be applied during the use of the Tool- Batch Record Modification. After entering either biblio numbers into the text box, or attaching a file of biblio numbers, the option of using a Modification Template is also in this initial screen.

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