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Monday Minutes: Alerts in Cataloging

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie show off some new alerts in the cataloging module.

New Record Button in Cataloging

Bug [28543] changes the behavior of clicking on ‘New record’ in the cataloging module. This enhancement will now use the default framework when selected. Before this change you needed to choose the framework – now it will use the default framework unless you select a different framework from the drop-down list. This makes it consistent with creating a new record using the ‘New from Z39.50/SRU’ button.

Validation Error in Record

Bug [28694] will provide better alerts for cataloging in Koha!
This enhancement changes the error validation message display when using the basic MARC editor in cataloging. Errors are now shown on the page itself, with links in the message to take you to the corresponding field. A new “Errors” button in the toolbar allows the user to jump back to the list of errors for easy reference.

Links in the message to take you to the corresponding field

New “Errors” button in the toolbar

Marking a field Important

Frameworks in Koha allow staff to check ‘Important’ as an option. If a field is marked 'Important' a warning will appear if it is not filled, unlike ‘Mandatory’, you will still be able to save your record.

Access Framework

  1. More > Administration > Catalog > MARC bibliographic framework.
  2. Click on Actions on the right-hand column and MARC structure.
  3. you will be taken to a screen listing all the available tags for that framework.
  4. you can search for the tag you need in Search for tag:
  5. To make edits to a MARC field click on ‘Actions’ on the right of the field and then ‘Edit tag’.
  6. Check the Important checkbox
  7. Click Saves Changes.