Koha How-To

Resource Rewind: March 2023

We put together a recap of our Koha news and educational content for the month of March in case you missed anything!

Koha Question of the Week

How Do I Search the Hold Logs?

How Do We Track Usage of Non-Barcoded Items?

How Do I Make Subject Links Search the Whole Subject in the Catalog?

How Do I Block Returns of Paid-For Items?

Monday Minutes

More Options for Patrons Managing Holds

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie start exploring 22.11 with new options for patrons when managing their holds. Now patrons can edit their pickup location for holds that are in-transit, pending or suspended!

New Notices in Koha

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie show two new notices coming to Koha in 22.11!

Item Templates

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie demonstrate the new feature, Item Templates, which allows libraries to create and share templates when creating items.


In this week's Monday Minutes, Jessie and Kelly are joined by Ian Walls who talks all about Metabase. Metabase is an open source data analytics tool that turns your data from Koha (or other products) into graphs and visual reports. It allows staff to make data-driven decisions and show off visualizations of your data.

Koha Educational Blog Posts

Managing Materials Requests (aka Purchase Suggestions) in Koha and Aspen Discovery

Batch Patron Permissions Modifier Plugin

Integrating Koha and Unique's Gentle Nudge

Creating Bundles of Items in Koha

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