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New Director: Notices and Slips

This blog post will help answer new director questions about the Notices and Slips Module in Koha.

Notices and Slips

Here are some helpful resources for modifying existing Koha Notices and Slips.

PDF - Customizing Notices and Slips

Koha Wiki Notices and Slips Library

Koha Wiki Customizing Notices

Notices and Slips can be found in the Tools Module with Koha.

Tutorial Video

This tutorial video will walk you through the main portions of the Notices and Slip module in Koha.

Customizing Specific Notices/Slips in Koha

We have several blog posts and tutorial videos that break down specific customizations that libraries have done or asked for assistance in :

Customizing the Hold Slip

Show Library Cost Savings on your Koha Receipt

Monday Minutes: Customizing Your Issue Slip

Sending SMS Notices

Koha can send notices via SMS! Here is a tutorial video and blog post that can help you set this up at your library:

Monday Minutes: Setting Up SMS Notifications

Translation of Your Notices

Koha allows for different languages to be set up in the Notices and Slip module, here is blog post and tutorial video on setting this option up at your library:

Monday Minutes: Translating Notices

Template Toolkit

Another way that your notices can be customized to fit the needs of your library is through Template Toolkit! This can be used in conjunction with the hungry alligator << >> syntax that Koha currently uses but does add more flexibility. See this blog post for more information:

Customizing Notices & Slips with Template Toolkit

Generating Custom Email Notices

Koha can also generate customized email notices to go out to your patrons! Here is a tutorial video and blog post on setting one up at your library:

Monday Minutes: Emailing Customized Patron Notices

More Tutorials?

We have other areas for New Directors- see below for links:

New Director: Reports

New Director: Patron Categories

New Director: Authorized Values

New Director: Patron Tools