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New Director: Reports

Koha knows that gaining access to your library's data is vital for a successful library. We have handpicked some very handy report tutorials to assist you in getting the reports and data you need.

Using Reports in the Koha Wiki

There are a lot of created reports just waiting to be used on your Koha system. Here is a link to a tutorial on find a report in the Koha Wiki and running it on your system.

Creating a Report for your Library using the Koha Report Wiki

Accessing Reports through Mana

Mana is a knowledge base for Koha. Another great way to access reports is through Mana. If your library has not yet set up Mana, here is a helpful blog post on how to set this up.

Using Mana to Import Reports into Koha

Writing/Editing a Report

Your library may have found a report that is useful through Mana or the Koha Wiki, however, maybe you just want a few more details added or the SQL to be changed a little bit. Here are a few more blog posts that can help write and edit Koha reports:

Writing Reports is as easy as ordering a cup of coffee!

Monday Minutes : Editing a SQL report

Learning the Basics of Reports

Schedule a Report

In Koha, a library can schedule a one-time report to be run and emailed directly to the person. ByWater can take this one step further and schedule a report to be run at the desired frequency and emailed to the library.

Cron Jobs: Run Report

How Would You Like Your Report?

Other helpful resources

Koha Report Library

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