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New Director: Patron Categories

The beginning part of Patrons in Koha starts in Patron Categories. Once we have patron categories, we can create patrons and build our database from there. Here we can look at the finer point of this large area of Koha.

First, a short tutorial video on setting up Patron Categories. This tutorial video will also be useful to directors new to the library to understand all that can be set up at the Patron Category level.

Setting up Patron Categories

System Preferences

There are global system preferences that can be set -however, within the Patron Category setup, an exception to the system preference can be used.

Patron Privacy in Patron Categories

The ability to set up the Privacy by Patron category is an important option, see this helpful blog post about setting this up or learning more about this:

Monday Minutes: Privacy

Password Changes by Patron Category

An option that can be set up for the entire library system through global system preferences or that can be set up at a patron category level is the ability for a patron to change their password. See this helpful Monday Minutes about this feature:

Monday Minutes: Password Changes by Patron Category

Self Registered Patrons

The option to have patrons self register at your library begins at the Patron Category level, see this helpful blog post on how to set this up:

Setting Up Self Registration for your library

Patron Attributes

Koha has the ability to add more information to your patrons using Patron attributes, see this helpful blog post:

Monday Minutes: Patron Attributes

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