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The HOLDSLIP in Koha just got a whole lot cooler

Did you ever get dazed and confused that the HOLDSLIP always said Hold/transfer to next location? Some libraries have expressed wanting to change the format of how the hold slip prints for multi branch systems. Currently, when you check an item in, and a hold is triggered, when you print the hold slip you get a message at the top of the slip indicating "Transfer to/Hold in <>". If the item is not at the final location of the patron pickup, it is transferred to the branch pick up location. Once the item arrives, the staff member again checks the item in, a hold is triggered, when you print the hold slip you get the same message "Transfer to/Hold in <>"

Thanks to Lucas, Developer at ByWater Solutions, he has put together code using the template toolkit to adjust it! Now the slip will use different language dependent on the location of the trigger.

Steps to adjust the HOLDSLIP

Go to Tools › Notices & slips › Modify HOLDSLIP

Click edit

The code below will use the template toolkit syntax to identify different choices for when a hold is triggered. If the hold is at the destination library for pickup, then the holdslip will reflect hold at. If the hold was triggered at a different location than the pickup, then the holdslip will reflect the transfer message.

[% USE Branches %]

[% loggedinbranchname = Branches.GetName( Branches.GetLoggedInBranchcode() ) %]

[% IF loggedinbranchname == branch.branchname%]

Hold at <>

[% ELSE %]

Transfer to <>

[% END %]

The code above is a very simple approach to the holdslip. You can use additional formatting to customize your slip. Example below.