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Koha 22.11: Acquisitions Updates


[15348] Change/Edit estimated delivery date per order line
Libraries can now add/update estimated delivery dates for specific order lines separate from the basket-level estimated delivery date. Koha 22.11: Added Flexibility for Estimated Delivery Dates

[25763] Allow update of order fund after receipt
The funds charged for orders can now be updated after items are received. Koha 22.11: Update Funds After Orders Are Received

[27817] Enhance display of title information throughout acquisitions
The subtitle, medium, part name, and part number will now display in addition to the title on multiple screens in Acquisitions including in baskets, on invoices, and on the 'Already received' screen. Koha 22.11: ISSN Search and Enhanced Title Display

[28269] Order search should be possible with ISSN too
Acquisitions advanced search and searching for orders to duplicate now includes the option to search by ISSN. Koha 22.11: ISSN Search and Enhanced Title Display

[31017] Add type field for vendors
Libraries can now specify a type for each vendor (such as Donor, Electronic Resources etc.) using authorized values. Monday Minutes: Creating Vendor Types in Koha

[31115] Additional fields for invoices
This enhancement allows libraries to define additional fields for information about vendor invoices. Fields are added in Acquisitions-Administration-Manage invoice fields:

These can be set as searchable, and can be free text or linked to authorized values. The field will now be visible in invoices, and if set as searchable, will display in Invoice search:

[31377] Add basket's internal note to tables on vendor search result list
Baskets' internal notes are now visible in vendor search results lists:

Bugs fixed

[32171] Order prices not populated when adding to a basket from a staged file
Order prices will now correctly populate according to settings in MarcFieldsToOrder and MarcItemFieldsToOrder when items are added to baskets from staged files.

[31158] Can't filter suggestions by date ranges

[32045] Cannot order multiple from staged file

[32166] When adding to a basket from a staged file we may use the wrong inputs

System preference changes

New system preference:

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