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Koha 22.11: ISSN Search and Enhanced Title Display

ISSN search

With Bug 28269 Order search should be possible with ISSN too, libraries can search for orders in Acquisitions using ISSN. Previously, ISBN was the only standard number field available. This option is available in Advanced search and when searching existing orders for duplication into new baskets:

Additionally, if the system preference SearchWithISSNVariations is set to “When searching on the ISSN index, [search] on all variations of the ISSN”, libraries can search using the hyphenated or non-hyphenated version of the ISSN.

Enhanced title displays in Acquisitions

In 22.11, additional title details will display in baskets, late orders, and more thanks to Bug 27817 Enhance display of title information throughout acquisitions. This will make it easier for libraries to quickly distinguish between, for instance, Volumes 1 and 2 when the main title is the same.

In addition to Title/245$a, Subtitle/245$b, Number of part/245$n, Name of part/245$p, and Medium/245$h will show in baskets and Late orders screens:

(Note that the brackets are for demonstration only - they will not be automatically added by Koha.)

Be aware that the expanded information won't show everywhere - only the main title/245$a displays in funds' Ordered and Spent lists, and also on Pending orders:

However, it does show on Receiving items from, so staff will know before completing receipt if they've accidentally selected the wrong title. The expanded information also shows on the Already received and Invoice details screens.

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