We're Here to Help! Contacting the ByWater Support Team

This Blog Post will help you become familiar with all the ways you can communicate your support needs to ByWater. Depending on your communication preferences and the urgency of the problem, you can call our 888-900-8944 number, open a ticket in our ticketing system, Slack with us, chat with us through the chat box on our website and email our ByWater Partners mailing lists.

Create a Ticket

For questions, requests, or problems that don't impede your staff or patrons' ability to use Koha, Aspen Discovery, or any of our Open Source offering we recommend opening a ticket in our ticketing system: ticket.bywatersolutions.com

The system is called Request Tracker or RT for short. Once we receive your ticket, we’ll work with a team member who has expertise in that area to answer your questions or resolve the problem as quickly as we can. The more details you can provide about a problem the faster we'll be able to resolve it. When entering tickets try to include a screenshot or video of the problem. Include bib numbers, patron ID numbers, item numbers and any error messages you see.

You can also email support to auto-magically create a ticket anytime! Ticket notifications come from the bywatersolutions.com domain so be sure to add us to your contacts/allow lists to get notifications!

Read our Blog Posts to learn more: What is RT?

Give Us a Call

If you have an urgent issue, such as you can’t search the catalog or your API connections aren't working, the fastest way to get help is to call our number 888-900-8944 and hit extension 1.

Once we receive your call, we will work to resolve the issue immediately. If we are on a call with another partner, your call may go to voicemail. Don’t worry! The message is transcribed to text and emailed to the entire ByWater Support team, so we will return your call shortly.

Chat With Us

We have Slack Workspaces for Aspen Discovery and Koha Partners. Simply contact leads for an invitation.

Want to stay in the loop? Visit bywatersolutions.com/newsletter to sign up for our weekly emails that include tutorials and company news. Select "I Want to Learn More About Koha" and/or "I Want to Learn More About Aspen Discovery" to tailor the emails to your preferences.

Learn and Grow

And last but not least we have websites to see our curated tutorials grouped together based on migration stage or module.


Koha tutorials are available here.

The full training table contents for Koha materials are here.

Our Educators will host webinars and put together training materials around releases.

We send out Monday Minutes, short training videos, each week.


Aspen tutorials are available here.

The full training table of contents for Aspen materials are here.

Aspen Lunch and Learn sessions are held around Aspen releases so that you can learn about new functionalities and upgrades in the release.

There is the Aspen Gathering Monthly Community Meeting where monthly you can Zoom with other Aspen Discovery partners and discuss ideas.


For Libki, we have some YouTube tutorial videos here.

Engage With Us On On Social Media

Follow us on social media for tutorials and news. Like, comment, and message if you need anything and one of the members of our Outreach Team will be sure to get back with you as soon as possible!






Provide Feedback

You most likely will get calls from members of our staff from time to time. One of our customer service priorities has always been to make sure we are checking in with our partners libraries via phone or email. We know how busy you can get and we want to make sure you have an additional opportunity to provide us with any feedback or questions you may have!

At ByWater Solutions, we offer a wide variety of ways to get in touch with us, that we hope meets and exceeds the needs of the wide variety of libraries we support! We hope to talk to you soon!