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Self Paced Learning in Koha: Patron Tools

Patron Lists

Patron lists are a way to store a group of patrons for easy modification via the batch patron modification tool or reporting.

Click here for the blog post

Monday Minutes: Patron lists

or go directly to the Tutorial Video:

Patron Clubs

Patron clubs create clubs in which patrons may be enrolled. It is useful for tracking summer reading programs, book clubs and other such clubs.

Here are a few helpful blog posts about Patron clubs:

Setting Up the Patron Clubs feature in Koha

Patron Clubs Hold Feature

or go watch the tutorial video:

Moderating Patron Tags

All tags added by patrons via the OPAC to bibliographic records require moderation by the librarians. If there are tags awaiting moderation they will be listed on the main page of the staff client below the module list. Here is a blog post on how to moderate tags in Koha.

Tag Moderation

Notices and Slips

Within the Tools Module, all the notices and slips can be edited. Here is a helpful PDF, blog post and a Koha link discussing the finer points of Notices and Slips in Koha.

Customizing Notices and Slips

Customizing Notices & Slips with Template Toolkit

Koha Notices and Slips Library

Patron Imports

Koha allows libraries to import a .csv of patrons through the Patron Import tool. Here is a helpful tutorial video and blog post on how to set up the .csv and go through the process:

Monday Minutes : Using the Patron Import Tool

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