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KohaCon 2022: Open to Everyone - Getting Involved in the Koha Community

If you are new to open source, you may not be familiar with the community aspect of an ILS. One of the most amazing things about open source is that people drive development and enhancements in the software. The Koha community is really the heart of the product that you use every day in your libraries. In this session Nick, Kelly, and Jessie will show you the basics of getting involved in the Koha Community, using the tools to communicate what you want to see in Koha, and how to sign off on your first bug!!


  • How to engage with the community
  • How to efficiently use Bugzilla
  • How to sign off on a bug

Getting Involved in the Koha Community

Koha Question of the Week: How Do I Get Involved in the Community?

Get me into the Koha Community!

Bugzilla Tutorials

Monday Minutes: Creating a Bugzilla Account

Monday Minutes: Submitting a Bug in Bugzilla

Monday Minutes: Signing off on a Koha Bug

Using Sandboxes to sign off on bugs

KohaCon 22 Presentations

Here is a link to all the slides and presentations during KohaCon 22. Each presentation will have slides (if provided) and the recorded presentation listed on this link!

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