Acquisitions Testing

The following checklist will walk you through steps to test Acquisitions in your new Koha system, each step includes a link to the most recent Koha manual and a tutorial video if one exists.

  • Add a new vendor. (Learn more)
  • Approve a purchase suggestion. (Learn more)
  • Reject a purchase suggestion. (Learn more)
  • Edit a purchase suggestion and update the bibliographic information. (Learn more)
  • Create a new basket for your vendor. (Learn more)
  • Order another copy of book you already have in your collection. (Learn more)
  • Order from a new blank record. (Learn more)
  • Order from an external target. (Learn more)
  • Stage a MARC record for import, do not complete the import, this file will be used for ordering. (Learn more)
  • Order from a staged file. (Learn more)
  • Order from an approved purchase suggestion. (Learn more)
  • Close your basket. (Learn more)
  • Perform several advanced order searches. (Learn more)
  • Receive some items. (Learn more)
  • Order from a subscription (if you're using Serials). (Learn more)

If you have further questions on how to use Koha be sure to use your support provider’s ticketing system or the Koha mailing lists and chat room.

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