20.05 OPAC and Public Services Updates

In 20.05, Koha has made several new features for the OPAC. Here is a list of the features we have provided more information for.

New OPAC Feature

[4461] Add a context-sensitive report a problem process

This new feature, when enabled, lets patrons report problems using the OPAC. It adds a link to each page of the OPAC to a form so that patrons can report problems. Problems are then available via a new problem report management area in the staff interface.
New system preference: OPACReportProblem defaults to disabled.

For more information see this blog post:

Reporting a Problem Through the OPAC

We have a Patron Tutorial Video that you can share with your patrons:

New OPAC Feature : Elasticsearch

[14567] Add an Elasticsearch driven browse interface to the OPAC

This is an interface for quick and efficient browsing through records with Elasticsearch.

For libraries using ElasticSearch, there is a new system preference that can be turned on OpacBrowseSearch. Upon upgrade, this will be set to disable by default. Once this is turned on, a new option will appear on the OPAC will appear called, Browse Search.

A user can search by Author, Title, Subject- and then choose between an exact match, fuzzy match, or really fuzzy.

[7611] Show the NOT_LOAN authorised values for item status in XSLT OPAC search results

This will change how Koha displays Not for Loan statuses. Prior to this enhancement, all positive 'not for loan' values were listed as 'Available for Reference' and all negative 'not for loan' were 'On Order'. Now there are further details that will show to the patron.

For more detailed information, see this blog post:

OPAC: Not for Loan Descriptions

[13121] Move search results “action” links (“Place hold,” “Add tag,” etc) into include file

This patch moves markup for controls repeated across several OPAC templates into a single include (making it easier to maintain in the future): Place hold, Request article, Add tag, Save to lists, and Add to cart. Overall, this area got a lot cleaner looking.

[13388] Add library pages to the OPAC

This adds a new link “Libraries” or “Library” to the navigation in the OPAC. The new page links to gives information about all libraries in the Koha installation, using the data from the library configuration.

For more information, visit this informative blog post:

Adding a Library Link to the OPAC

[13547] Item field ‘Materials specified’ would be useful to see in OPAC

This enhancement allows you to make a new column visible on the OPAC. The new column shows the materials specified field after the call number column. By default, this will not show, a library can have to turn the column on in the “Columns settings” section. The section would be OPAC, under the table id: holdingst.

[14715] Results per page setting for catalog search in staff client and OPAC

This enhancement adds a ‘results per page’ dropdown list to catalog search results pages in the OPAC and staff interface. This lets you set the number of results to show (20, 40, 60, 80, and so on). This is enabled by two new system preferences: OPACnumSearchResultsDropdown for the OPAC, and numSearchResultsDropdown for the staff interface.
The default number of search results is set using existing system preferences: OPACnumSearchResults for the OPAC, and numSearchResults for the staff interface. This enhancement works for both Zebra and Elasticsearch search engines.

[15775] Show message on OPAC summary if holds are blocked due to fines

This adds a note to the patron account in the OPAC if the user is over the maxoutstanding fines limit and can no longer place holds.. A more clear reason for the patron than just the standard, no items can be placed on hold.

[19718] Create message for patrons with multiple holds on the same item

If a library is allowing multiple holds on the same item, then a new message has been added informing the patron that they already have a hold on this record. This will be extremely helpful if a patron forgot they already placed this item on hold - to eliminate double holds when patrons don't mean to do this.

[23261] RecordedBooks- Notify patron of need to login/register to see availability

This enhancement makes the RBDigital Recorded Books subscription more discoverable to library patrons by adding a notice to the OPAC for patrons to register and log in with RBDigital if they have not already done so. Currently, RBDigital is converting over to Overdrive, and this enhancement is moot.

[23913] Uses a single menu to sort lists in the OPAC

This enhancement modifies the sorting form on the OPAC lists contents so that the two menus (sort field and direction) are combined into one.

Once a user clicks a public list, or one of their own private lists, there is an option to sort the list. The list can be sorted alphabetically, by author, title, call number, copyright date, date added). These options are consistent with other options to sort in the OPAC.

[23915] Replace OPAC list sort menu with Bootstrap menu button

This patch adds JavaScript to the list contents page which converts the form's 'select' menu into a Bootstrap dropdown menu. This allows for a more compact and consistent display.

[23547] Add column configuration to Course Reserves table in the OPAC

Now, a library can customize what columns are visible in the OPAC for Course Reserves.

For more information on customizing the Course Reserve tables in the OPAC, see this blog post:

OPAC: Customizing Course Reserves

[24701] Add column configuration to course reserves items table in the OPAC

Further customization for the Course Reserve display on the OPAC.

See Blog post above for further information.

[22880] Convert opacheader system preference to News Block

This is removing the system preference, opacheader. Everything that was stored in this system preference will be moved over to the News Feature under Tools

For more information, see our Monday Minute tutorial video:

Monday Minutes: More OPAC system preferences move to New Feature

[23794] Convert OPACMainUserBlock system preference to News Block

This enhancement is removing the system preference: OPACMainUserBlock and moving the contents into the News feature under Tools.

Monday Minute tutorial link is above.

[23795] Convert OpacCredits system preference to news block

This enhancement is removing the system preference: OPACcredits and moving the contents into the News feature under Tools.

[23796] Convert OpacCustomSearch system preference to news block

This enhancement is removing the system preference: OPACcustomsearch and moving the contents into the News feature under Tools.

23797] Convert OpacLoginInstructions system preference to news block

This enhancement is removing the system preference: OPACloginInstructions and moving the contents into the News feature under Tools.

Purchase Suggestions

[24336] Asks for confirmation before deleting a suggestion in the OPAC

A patron could always delete any of their own purchase suggestions- now there is a confirmation box to confirm this deletion. This is a nice fail-safe to verify that they do in fact want to delete the purchase suggestion.

Combined Blog Post to show new Purchase Suggestion features in the OPAC can be found here:

OPAC: Purchase Suggestions Enhancements

[23593] Add a shortcut from suggestion details to the bibliographic record in the OPAC

Now when a patron is searching for an item in the OPAC, there is the option to request for purchase from the record in the OPAC. The option will appear on the right-hand side of the page and will look like a gift! If a library is not allowing purchase suggestions from the OPAC (system preference: suggestion), this option will not appear.

[24344] Modify OPAC link to suggest existing record for purchase

There will now be an option on the right-hand side of the record in the OPAC to allow for patrons to place a purchase suggestion on an already existing record in the collection. This will appear if a library is allowing purchase suggestions. This altered the above feature a bit more.

[25110] Allow patrons to add star ratings to title listed on their current checkouts and reading history pages

Star Ratings are not new to the Koha OPAC, but a new feature will allow patrons can rate items that are currently checked out and also from the reading history page.

We have a Patron Tutorial Video that you can share with your patrons:

[24530] Show the number of title notes in the tab label on the OPAC detail page

A number will display on the tab to indicate how many notes are included in this tab. If no title notes, this tab will not appear.

[24913] Add option to require users to enter email address twice during Self-Registration

This enhancement, when enabled, requires users self-registering via the OPAC to manually enter their email address twice. This is to prevent users from incorrectly entering their email address and consequentially never receiving a verification email from the library.

A new system preference will control this option and the default will be not enabled. If a library would like to turn this enhancement on, the system preference: PatronSelfRegistrationConfirmEmail. Once turned on, a patron registering through the OPAC, will be asked for their email to be entered twice to ensure accuracy.

Other Display Changes

  • [25280] Use modal confirmation when removing share from a list in the OPAC
  • [25281] Use modal confirmation when deleting a list in the OPAC
  • [25294] Don’t show the deletion button if the user can’t delete suggestions
  • [25350] Load Emoji picker assets more efficiently
  • [25402] Put OPAC cart download options into a dropdown menu
    This enhancement adds the OPAC cart download format options into the dropdown menu, rather than opening in a separate pop up window. (This also matches the behavior in the staff interface.)
  • [24405] Links in facets are styled differently than other links on the results page in OPAC
  • [18911] Option to set preferred language in OPAC
  • [25492] Your Account Menu button does nothing on mobile devices

Other Bugs Fixed

Although this is not the complete list of bugs fixed in this section, here are a few:


  • Improve NotesBlacklist system preference description to make clear where it will apply.

Note: This system preference will change its name coming in a later version of 20.05 See bug 25709 for more information.


  • XSLT: Label of 583 is repeated for multiple tags and private notes don’t display in staff.


  • Orphan comma in shelf browser - Sponsored by California College of the Arts.

New System Preferences related to OPAC

  • OPACReportProblem
  • OPACBrowseSearch
  • OPACNoItemTypeImages
  • PatronSelfRegistrationConfirmEmail
  • numSearchResutlsDropdown

Removed System Preferences

  • OPACheader
  • OPACmainUserBlock
  • OpacCustomSearch
  • OpacLoginInstructions
  • OPACcredits

More 20.05

For the most comprehensive list of 20.05 enhancements, features, and bug fixes, visit the Koha Community website.

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