Monday Minutes: More OPAC System Preferences Move to News Feature

Recorded Live at KohaUS

Jessie and Kelly recorded this episode LIVE at KohaUS. Lucas joins Monday Minutes to discuss the two system preferences, OPACheader and OPACmainuserblock that will be removed in 20.05 and moved to the News feature.

Removing System Preferences

New in 20.05, the system preferences, OPACheader and OPACmainUserBlock will be removed from the Administration (System Preferences area) and the contents of these will be set up in the News Feature.

This is a further step in moving all the OPAC design system preferences from system preferences and into the News feature:

Here is a previous Monday Minutes where we discussed this:

Monday Minutes: Utilizing the New! News Feature for OPAC Customization

The main purpose of moving these areas out of system preferences is for translatability. Koha is translated into multiple languages and having the information in the News feature, it will be easier to translate. According to a recent Koha release documentation, Koha has been translated into 31 languages!

News Feature

Both system preferences will now be set up and editing in the News feature. If you are unfamiliar with the other features in this News feature, here is a very helpful blog post:

Video Tutorial on Using the News Feature in Koha

To add or edit either of these new 'locations' within the News feature:

If adding a new content to this area:

1. Start with creating a new entry.

2. The location options have been extended, they have retained their name from the system preference. OPACheader is the area located above the main search bar. OPACmainUserBlock is the mainarea right in the middle.

If you are editing an existing entry, the action button on the right hand side will allow this area to be edited.

Upgrading from 19.11 to 20.05, any content that is in a system's system preferences, OPACheader and OPACmainUserBlock, will move over into the News Feature. If you are a partner of ByWater Solutions, and find that something needs to be altered after the upgrade, please feel free to submit a ticket to us and we would be happy to help.

Staff Permissions

To access/edit in the News feature within the Tools module, a staff member will need to have the permission:

Under the Tools permissions: Write news for the OPAC and staff interfaces is the permission needed for staff.

OPAC related System Preferences

Currently, all these system preferences will be moved over to Tools in the 20.05 release:

  • OPACheader
  • OPACmainUserBlock
  • OpacCustomSearch
  • OpacLoginInstructions
  • OPACcredits

And there are more to come in future releases!

KohaUS Conference

Did you miss the KohaUS online conference? If so, all presentations were recorded and can be accessed here.

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