OPAC: Purchase Suggestions Enhancements

New Link found on the OPAC

There is a new link that can be found on the OPAC for a user to "Suggest a Purchase" from an existing record found in the OPAC.

If a library is allowing Purchase Suggestions from non-logged in patrons, set by system preference, AnonSuggestions. The option from the record will always be present. If a library does not allow Anonymous suggestions, this link will only appear if the library allows purchase suggestions, with the system preference, suggestion, set to allow.

Deleting Patron's Purchase Suggestions

A patron could always delete any of their own purchase suggestions- now there is a confirmation box to confirm the deletion. This is now a nice fail-safe to verify that they do in fact want to delete the purchase suggestion. Once a patron has an existing purchase suggestion and chooses to delete it, there were will be further confirmation of this deletion.

Accepted Purchase Suggestions

Another new feature coming to Purchase Suggestions, the ability to link the Patron's accepted and ordered suggestion to the record in the OPAC.

When a patron submits a purchase suggestion, the title and other information will be displayed on the Patron's Purchase Suggestion tab from their account summary. After a library has accepted this and created a record in their Staff Interface for this new record, the patron will be able to link over to the new record in the OPAC.

In the image above, the title, "Hello, Sugar" is in blue text and is clickable. This will bring the patron to the record that has been added to Koha as an ordered record. If a purchase suggestion is in black text, this is not a clickable link.

More 20.05

These are just two new enhancements coming to Koha 20.05. See more about the upcoming version of Koha.

Koha: 20.05 Upgrade Notes

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