Tutorial Videos

Video Tutorial on Creating Spine Labels with Koha

In this Koha tutorial video and step by step instructions on how to use the Label Creator in Koha to create Spine Labels. We have had lots of support tickets on the Tool “ Label Creator” .  This blog post includes both step by step instructions and a video on […]

Using the Patron Emailer Plugin in Koha

In this Koha tutorial Kelly and Jessie will walk you through using the Patron Emailer Plugin. Below, you will find a video as well as the steps to install the plugin and configure and run the tool in your system. Steps to Uploading a Plugin to your Koha System In […]

Koha Tutorial New in 17.05 – Auto-Renewal Notices

One of the brand new enhancements in Koha 17.05 is the auto-renewal notice. If you have your circulation and fines rules set to allow items to auto-renew, your patrons will now receive a notice each time an item auto-renews. The notice lets them know that their item was renewed succesfully. […]

Accidentally Delete a Report? These steps will show you how to recover it

In this Koha tutorial we will walk you through recovering a deleted report. Reports in Koha are a way to gather data. Reports are used to generate statistics, member lists, shelving lists, or any list of data in your database. First, you will want to make sure your system preference to […]

New in Koha 17.05 – Barcode Export in the Items Search

  The 17.05 version of Koha includes an exciting new enhancement that lets you export a results set of barcodes directly from an item search in just three simple steps. The video above walks you through this process. Curious about what else is new in Koha 17.05? Check out all […]

New in 17.05 – Setting When to Charge the Hold Fee

  One of the new enhancements in Koha 17.5 is the ability to decide when to charge patrons a fee for placing a hold. Previously, the hold fee could only be charged when the patron put a hold on an item. Now, you can choose to charge the patron for […]

Setting Up the Patron Clubs feature in Koha

In this Koha Tutorial we will show you the new feature in Koha for Patron Clubs. This features adds the ability to create clubs which patrons may be enrolled in. It is particularly useful for tracking summer reading programs, book clubs and other such clubs. Ensure your staff user has the […]

Automatically Generate Item Information for Order Files   Recently updated !

In this Koha tutorial we will go over the new option to obtain item information from order files . This feature automatically generates items in Koha with populated information based on a 9XX field and subfield, with the addition of a new system preference MarcItemFieldsToOrder. The first thing you will […]

Check Previous Checkouts – a new system preference with Koha 17.05

In this Koha tutorial we will show you the new system preference with the 17.05 upgrade called Checkprevcheckout.  This system preference can be set to allow and Koha will check patron’s circulation history to see if this item has been checked out in the past to this patron.   Go […]