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Monday Minutes: Creating Customizable Notices with Reports

In this week's Monday Minutes, Lucas Gass, a web developer with ByWater Solutions joins Kelly and Jessie to talk about a new feature that will allow libraries to create printable notices using the Notices Tool and the Reports Module. Lucas will show off some great examples to demonstrate this feature!

Tools > Notices

When creating a notice, the new notice will use the Module, "Report". Create the notice with the Print Tab for this purpose.


The report that is created will feed the information into the notice that has been created. So a report would be an information gathering tool to assist the notice in what will be presented. Once the notice has been created - there will be a new option within the Report choices, allowing a library to choose to run this report using the Template (the notice). In addition, a new option has been added to the download button allowing this report notice combo to be downloaded. This download option will only appear once the Report has been run using the template.

1. Create the Notice (using the Reports option)

2 Create the Report

3. Run the report

4. Run using the Template (title will be what was used in the notice)

5. Download "Rendered Template.

Overdue Example

Lucas shared some examples during the MM video. The first one was an ability to run Overdues and print them out directly from this report.

Here is the notice he created:

Overdue Notice to Print

Here is the report he created to work with this notice:

Report for Printable Overdue Notice

Lucas's overdue example was not the Koha default ODUE which altered the way it looked during our tutorial! The attached PDF has the ODUE notice template.

Order Slip Example

Lucas added some JQuery to the system preference: intranetuserJS. This will display a button that staff can print the report directly from the basket. This code is also included in the PDF document attached at the bottom of the page.

Code for System Preference, IntranetuserJS

Here is the notice he created:

Notice for Order Slip

Here is the report he created to put it all together!

Report for Order Slip

More Resources

The enhancement bugs that this feature was driven from are super informative for libraries looking for a bit more information:

Bug 34136: Add the ability to render a report using a notice template

Bug 34456: Add the ability to download a template-rendered report as a file


We are including a PDF document for these examples.