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Monday Minutes: Merging Patrons

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie dig into the process of merging patrons within Koha.

Merging Patrons Process

When a library finds that there are multiple accounts for the same person, the library can merge these accounts. Two or more accounts can be merged together. When multiple patron accounts are merged, all checkouts, fines, holds, and statistics are moved over.

1. Search for patrons and choose the accounts that need to be merged.

2. Choose the option to merge from the top of the search results.

3. Next the records will display some of the patron information and also a link to look at the records before merging.

4. Choose the patron account that will be retained during this merge, the other account/s will be deleted. Although Koha will move over the checkouts, holds, fines, and fees, it will not move over patron detail information such as phone number, or address. The patron's account that is chosen to be retained, their information will be stored.

5. Once this merge has been submitted, a completion screen will appear to review what was moved over and a link to the patron that was retained.

Koha Community Challenge

ByWater Solutions has partnered with koha-US for another Community Challenge! This is a great way for the open source community to come together, move, and raise money for a good cause!

Walk, Jog, Run, Swim, Bike, Hike, Yoga, Dance- whatever your activity of choice is-come join us for this community challenge! Be part of the open-source community sharing your daily activities, photos, and words of wisdom!

The challenge will go from May 1 - May 31.

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