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Monday Minutes: Scannable Barcodes in Reports

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie show off how to add a report with scannable barcodes. If you need a report for weeding, item locations or analysis, use the report below.

Scannable Barcode Report




b.title AS `Title`,

b.author AS `Author`,

i.itemcallnumber AS `Call Number`,

i.barcode AS `Barcode`,


'<br />',

'<img src="/cgi-bin/koha/svc/barcode?barcode=',




'&type=Code39" />',

'<br />',


'<br />') AS `Scannable Barcode`


items i

LEFT JOIN biblio b

ON i.biblionumber = b.biblionumber


i.homebranch = <<Location|branches>>

AND COALESCE(i.itype, '') = <<Item type|itemtypes>>

AND COALESCE(i.ccode, '') = <<CCODE>>

AND COALESCE(i.location, '') = <<LOC>>

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